24 Times The Remix Was Bigger Than The Original (PART TWO)

Continued, our definitive list of 24 remixes that have been more popular than the original! click here for the whole playlist.

Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation – Junkie XL Remix

Another potentially contentious one given who the original recording artist was but the reality is that ‘A Little Less Conversation’ was only a minor hit for the King after originally featuring in the 1968 movie , ‘Live a Little, Love a Little’

That completely changed in the early 00s though after a later recording featured in the blockbusting Ocean’s 11 movie soundtrack

This proved to be the perfect set up for the song’s break through proper a year later when it was remixed by Dutch producer Junkie XL and hit the top spot in 9 countries off the back of featuring in Nike’s hugely successful 2002 World Cup ‘Secret Tournament’ advertising campaign.

R. Kelly – Ignition – Remix

The remix and the original actually sit side by side on R. Kelly’s 2003 album Chocolate Factory but, tellingly, only one of them would also feature on the greatest hits album released later that year

To be fair, maybe that was always the intention as listening to both of them side by side & with the benefit of hindsight, combined with the sequencing on the original album make it feel like the original was always just a warm up to one of the biggest hits of R’s career

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll – A-Trak Remix

Probably one of the more surprising entries on this list, ‘Heads Will Roll’ was the second single released off the Yeah Yeah Yeahs third album, ‘It’s Blitz’ and is one of the bands most popular tracks

However in the years gone by this remix by former Kanye West tour DJ A-Trak has grown in popularity off the back of featuring in various video game and movie soundtracks and now sits comfortably as the bands most played song on Spotify with around 50 million streams (quick note, you may have to take our word for this as the version with the most streams has mysteriously been removed from Spotify,,,)

Mr. Probz – Waves – Robin Schultz Remix

It’s fair to say that most people had never heard of Mr. Probz before 2014 and with a name that sounds more Mr. Men character than singer, that probably would have remained the case were it not once again for that man Robin Schultz who bags his 2nd entry on our list

It’s been streamed nearly half a BILLION times across Spotify & YouTube as well as being a top 5 hit in 13 different countries which goes to show that even a goofy name is no obstacle when you have the right remix

Cornershop – Brimful of Asha – Norman Cook Remix

The career of Wolverhampton’s Cornershop has seen them mainly cast in the role of critical darlings rather than breakout stars but this briefly changed in 1998 when Norman Cook (AKA Fatboy Slim) gave their song “Brimful of Asha” this gleaming Big Beat remix.

The song was hugely popular worldwide, charting all over Europe and in the US and is by far and away the band’s most streamed track on Spotify today

in 2011 the NME also named this remix in their 150 best songs of the last 15 years

Tori Amos – Professional Widow – Armand’s Star Trunk Funk Remix

If Lana Del Rey was an unlikely remix candidate, this one surely takes the grand prize for WTF moments in music!

NYC house producer Armand Van Helden had the Tori Amos fanbase up in arms in 1996 with what was basically the musical equivalent of half quoting someone and then taking their words totally out of context! Still they couldn’t argue with the relentless driving house and funk guitar licks that make this remix so legendary.

Not that Tori herself presumably minded that much as the remix went on to become the biggest hit of her career and scored her only UK #1

Justice Vs. Simian – We Are Your Friends

Although not styled explicitly as such, this track is actually a remix of indie band Simian’s 2002 single ‘Never Be Alone’. Before French producers Justice got their hands on the song is was a fairly anonymous footnote in a career that never quite took off for the Londoners despite a loyal fanbase

Their Gallic savoir faire saw the song mainline into the new rave/ electro scene at the time transforming the track into a huge hit and paving the way for members James Ford & Jas Shaw to launch the Simian Mobile Disco following their original band’s split

Groove Armada – I See You Baby – Fatboy Slim Remix

Chances are, the version that most people recognise of this track is in fact Fatboy’s Slim’s remix

Barely scraping the UK top 20 upon its original release, the remix took on a much grander lease of life after it was chosen as the soundtrack to a much aired Renault Megane TV ad

the remix has also appeared in COUNTLESS Movies & TV shows and so ubiquitous was it that if you were around in the late 90s/ early 00s and had ears, you would have heard it

Sigma – Nobody To Love

Here’s another slightly debatable one but what this does do is highlight the very fine line there can sometimes be between remix and original production

Here we’re branding it a remix as it lifts the main hook so wholesale from Kanye’s ‘Bound 2’ track that it’s hard to look at it in any other way, particularly since there are many, many remixes that have less in common with their originals than this one does with Kanye’s track!

Also, with ‘only’ 4 million more streams on Spotify it’s a pretty close race between the two!

Everything But the Girl – Missing – Todd Terry Remix

Famously named after a sign in a local bedroom furniture store that promised to supply customers with ‘everything but the girl’ this duo of former Hull University students enjoyed modest success during the late 80s and early 90s with several  jazz tinged, indie pop records.

In 1994, the track ‘Missing’ off the ‘Amplified Heart’ album was remixed by house legend Todd Terry and an international hit was born with the duo even scoring a #2 smash on the Billboard Hot 100. Remarkably, this remix proved so successful that it led to the band pursuing the more electronic direction of subsequent albums that younger fans may associate them with to this day.

Glasser – Tremmel – Jamie xx Remix

Glasser, the solo project of LA’s Cameron Mesirow received a lot of love from the indie blogosphere back in 2009/10. Back then her early EP, Tremel, was picked up by London based label Young Turks, also home to the xx and that’s where this remix was born.

At the time, it didn’t really make that much of an impact with the majority of the hype centered around the critically acclaimed debut album coming a few months later. Once again though, this remix really owes its status as the artist’s most streamed track to another advertising campaign, this time Renault Clio’s ‘Restart your Heart’ campaign

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