24 Times The Remix Was Bigger Than The Original (PART ONE)

2014 was without doubt the year of the remix with Kygo, MK, Robin Schultz & more all supplying that magic touch that turns a solid track into huge hit!

The trend shows no sign of letting up in 2015 either with Felix Jaehn’s remix of Omi and the epic Eric Prydz rework of ‘Tether’ by Chvrches all doing mad numbers on Spotify & YouTube

So here’s our definitive list of 24 remixes that have been more popular than the original!

Seinabo Sey –  Younger (Kygo Remix)

Following a huge remix of Ed Sheeran’s ‘I See Fire’, Norway’s finest turned his attention closer to his homeland with this remix of Swedish singer Seinabo Sey’s ‘Younger’

Currently sitting on a stream count of over 60 million, this is also an example of when a big remix also boosts the popularity of the original which itself has over 14 million streams and even the acoustic version of the song has over 10

But it’s Kygo’s tropical house rework that really saw this track become one of the biggest viral hits on Spotify last year and set himself up pretty nicely for 2015 in the process

Omi – Cheerleader – Felix Jaehn Remix

The original version of this track was released back in 2012 and it’s done a pretty impressive 5 million or so streams on Spotify on its own but it’s this remix by German DJ Felix Jaehn that has seen it hit the top spot in charts all over Europe, post an incredible 213+ million streams to date and become one of 2015’s biggest hits.

Lilly Wood & the Prick – Prayer in C – Robin Schulz Remix

One of 2014’s biggest tracks, this one was just everywhere last summer!

The original, by French/ Israeli folk rock duo Lily Wood & the Prick, was originally released back in 2010

Little known outside their native France beforehand, the remix, from another German (this time Deep House producer Robin Schultz) catapulted them to international recognition

To date, the song has been streamed over 300 million times on Spotify & YouTube and been played possibly even more times by club and radio DJs across the globe 😛

The very definition of how truly transformative a big remix can be

Disclosure – You & Me – Flume Remix

Take two of the most exciting and successful modern electronic producers, put them together and what do you get? An even bigger track!

Actually it’s rarely that simple and in this case, the song’s inclusion in a global Lacoste TV ad also went a long way to making it a certified smash to the tune of over 62 million streams on Spotify (and about the same on Youtube) so far

Chvrches – Tether – Eric Prydz Remix

The newest remix on this list but having already sailed close to the 4 million streams mark on Spotify in just 2 months of release, is well on its way to becoming a big hit in it’s own right and looks set to soundtrack many a summer party

Swedish house DJ Eric Prydz has a fair bit of previous in the remix department too having had a huge worldwide hit in 2004 with ‘Call on Me’,  a reworking of Steve Winwood’s classic 80s track “Valerie’ and this latest effort has already charted higher than the original Chvrches album track’s peak

Florence + the Machine – Spectrum (Say My Name) – Calvin Harris Remix

Often when an album’s been out a while and single number 4 is being wheeled out, a big remix is just what the doctor orders to breath some life back into the campaign

So it was just as well for the Florence camp that the doctor. in question was Calvin Harris. Yes Scotland’s most famous son’s stamp is all over this one and his electro house make over saw the track shoot all the way to the top of the UK charts back in 2012

To date, Calvin’s remix has been streamed over 3 times more than the original and also boasts an outstanding music video courtesy of legendary fashion photographer David La Chapelle!

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness – Cedric Gervais Remix

When you think of suitable candidates for the banging EDM remix treatment, brooding misery queen Lana Del Rey probably isn’t one of the first names that springs to mind…

Or at least it <i>wasn’t</i> but that was before this monster remix from French house producer Cedric Gervais blew all those notions clean away

Channeling a classic combination of melancholic euphoria, the song was initially a sleeper hit before getting the full blown release treatment

In fact the remix has proven <i>so</i> successful that it isn’t just more popular than the original but is, in fact currently the most streamed track on Lana Del Rey’s Spotify profile by some distance, which given her popularity is no mean feat!

Tove Lo – Habits (Stay High) – Hippie Sabotage Remix

Before breaking out as a star in her own right, Swedish singer Tove Lo had initially pursued a career as a songwriter behind the scenes. However, following work with serial hit makers like Max Martin & Xenomania, she soon broke out of the shadows, signing with Universal in 2014

Once again though, it was a huge remix of her song ‘Habits’ that truly launched her into the big time, this time, provided by Californian hip hop producers Hippie Sabotage

Fun Fact: Having charted top 10 in over ten countries,  the remix grew so popular it even led to the song being renamed! ”Habits” was re-released under the title “Habits (Stay High)” on the iTunes store, in line with the main hook of the remix.

Wankelmut – My Head is a Jungle – MK Remix

‘Stay in the same place long enough and fashion will catch up with you’ that must be phrase that veteran 90s house producer Marc Kitchen (MK) has been used to hearing in the last 24 months or so but it’s also some pretty just rewards for an artist that’s stuck to his guns

2013 & 14 saw him reascend to mainstream popularity with a string of hugely popular remixes that saw the sound he was hugely responsible for creating capture the zeitgeist

Of all the remixes this one was probably the biggest, a reworking of a track that had already taken over Ibiza back in the summer of 2013 saw itself launched even further into the stratosphere with this new version clocking nearly 34 million plays on Spotify and counting!

Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ NIte – Crookers Remix

Way back at the start of 2009, Kid Cudi wasn’t really know as much more than a Kanye West protégé & feature artist

Obviously that’s all changed a fair bit now but the Italian production duo Crookers’ remix of his song Day’n’ Night was what really announced him to mainstream audiences, particularly in Europe where it had a 3 week run at #2 in the UK chart and a was big hit across the rest of the continent too

Run DMC – It’s Like That – Jason Nevins Remix

Where would any list like this be without a touch of controversy! In realty the side of the fence you sit on with this one might depend slightly on how old you are but big though the original may have been, it didn’t have the huge globe straddling appeal of this remix by LA DJ Jason Nevins

in 1997 the remix was a bonafide phenomenon, hitting the top spot in 11 countries and dominating clubs and radio stations alike.

Moloko – Sing it Back – Boris Duglosch Remix

A great remix will often re-imagine a song by changing the arrangement and tempo rather than it’s core structure and that is very much the case here

The original version, from Moloko’s 1998 album ‘I’m Not a Doctor’ was a pretty sombre, almost Bjork-esque affair, slow paced with harsh drums and robotic vocal effects – a very, very far cry from the super sleek disco house of the remix!

That being the case, it probably goes without saying that the original never really troubled the charts too much, peaking at number 45 in the UK. The Boris Duglosch remix on the other hand was a inescapable DJ staple and saw the song chart all across Europe even hitting as high as #4 in the UK

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